Places I've Lived

Places I've Lived (2008 - 2013) _ graphite & colored pencil on paper, 30 x 44"

Places I’ve Lived is an ongoing project that documents the many places I’ve considered “home” throughout my life.  I started the project as an artist’s book in 2005, drawing twenty-five years worth of homes from memory, and observed that my approach was consistent and schematic and followed simple spatial conventions borrowed from the grid-based logic of early video games that I regularly played throughout my adolescence.  It amuses me how heavily my adult sensibility about space (in the abstract anyway) is influenced by experiences in a very simplified digital space during a developmental period in my childhood.  The most recent drawing in the project eschews the sequential format of the book in favor of a single pictorial format in which my homes from 2008 to 2013 may be seen in relation to one another.  

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